Vox Cover

Published in 2015 by Finishing Line Press, Vox Populi is an abecedarian chapbook, equal parts creation myth and deconstructionist wordplay.

Vox Populi is available for order through Finishing Line Press here.

Review, by Larry Sawyer at Rain Taxi, here.

An excerpt from the book (“X,” first published in Verse, and “M,” “N,” “S,” “U,” and “W,” in Tupelo Quarterly) here and here.

“Whether your relationship with language is like a secret crush entrusted only to a locked diary, or a passion broadcast in spray paint on a westbound rail car, Virginia Konchan’s brilliant chapbook Vox Populi will make you reconsider every last letter of the alphabet, and every corner of your lexicon. These poems revel in the very sounds of things, from “linguistic matter’s matrix granting / clemency before the guillotine,” to “pinpricks of light / in the eternal astral dark,” wedding the esoteric and the quotidian, the triumphant and the subjugated. In a landscape both modern and mythic, Vox Populi destabilizes numerous power structures, beginning with the very institution of language, while never compromising its wit, and its dazzling sense of play.”

-Mary Biddinger, author of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water

“Virginia Konchan, having learned the alphabet like all good students, is taking her profit from it by using it to curse, and sharing it with us, along with her song, ‘let[ting] the jukebox speakers swell, symphonically, / on the day when the ghost writer gives up / her unpaid rôle as democracy’s amanuensis. . .’  I thank her for it.”

-Richard Meier, author of Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar